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Have you ever wished you could seek out a wise woman when youíre feeling overwhelmed, or struggling, or aching to grow?

Cherie Byrd is such a wise woman and she will see deeply into you, and know how it is that you block yourself from having the life you desire. Cherie will embrace your wholeness, and see below, around and above, even when you canít.



You bring your chaos and your dreams, sexual confusions, intimacy issues, spiritual angst, chronic diseases or your wounded knee.

Cherie sees them and more--more of the heart, more of the flow, and more of the soul as they speak through your body and your life.

You cry your fears and history.

...and she moves you into releasing and stabilizing. Your guide and healer, Cherie will teach you how to align your energies and call you back into your body, here and now; stronger, more resonant and profoundly connected. Energy flows, coherence happens, and much becomes possible.


Welcome to the website of Cherie Byrd, MA and her unique approach to healing and therapy. The Byrd Approach is a powerful composite of both ancient and cutting edge modalities. Cherie brings 30 years of clinical and educational expertise to energy-based therapies that engage you, and your beloved, in healing and evolving your relationships with your body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

Are you ready to OUTGROW your box

and live your life more profoundly?

Meet with Cherie Byrd and step into The Byrd Approach. Engage in Holistic Energy Therapies to embody your wholeness and cultivate well-being. Empower yourself to consciously create a life of wholeness, intimacy, fulfillment and joy. The full presence and deep love of our authentic self is our soulís deepest desire.

Unless consciousness can pervade your body, love will not prevail. If your bodymind is kinked by tension, the immense force which moves through you cannot unfold as love. Rather, it will unfold in the shape of your kinks.

                                                             David Deida

Come explore what is calling, and how to get there. The view outside is luminous.

Cherie, when I do energy work with you I walk out of your office into the IMAX version of my life. Teach me how to live there.

                                                                 M. L., Executive Assistant , Minneapolis


Cherie sees clients in her Seattle office: individuals, couples, workshops and classes, as well as phone consultations.

Appointments: 206.324.2526

Email: Cherie@TheByrdAppproach.com








Seattle, WA

Phone:  206.324.2526